Whitney Ingram

Why say yes to a retreat?

The time I have to invest in my soul wealth is ever-evolving. In 15 years of yoga practice, not every experience I’ve had has been soul-shaking. However, I can say I’ve had my biggest leaps of awareness in relaxation and self-inquiry when I’ve made time for saturating myself in the practice of mindfulness, nature and guided adventure. It is my desire to live in a way that unites myself with the Higher Truth and my soul craves to facilitate adventuring with the collective to potentially illuminate the path to your Truth, your union. When we are nurturing our self-study we observe, grow, and move closer to alignment with ourselves and syncing with our soul.

Every retreat has been experienced and integrated by myself first with the intention to support my own self care. Upon reflecting and vetting each adventure I curate the retreat from the perspective of a seasoned yoga teacher, outdoor enthusiast, and mom desiring to blend adventure with relaxation.

And so, these upcoming retreat offerings are an evolution of my teachings and travels. Mindfully planned opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of your self union and to invest in a rich experience cultivating memories and self-care practices that will be a catalyst for returning to your life more mindfully.