Moving Mountains Yoga is a modest and contemporary wellness studio and organization offering professional instruction to those seeking balance of mind, body, and spirit. See descriptions of our style of offerings below:

What is Yoga?

The word yoga translates as union or to yoke. Yoga can be defined simply as anything that unites you to the present moment. Yoga asana or yoga poses and meditation is a practice for longevity of optimal health for body, mind and spirit, and can include various traditions and styles. Continue to read to explore the styles we offer. Yoga is not a religion, but can deepen your self awareness, connecting you more to any form of spirituality. As with all people, yoga is diverse and each experience is different, to best define yoga is to practice for yourself.


Hatha Yoga focuses on classical yoga poses and simple transition. This style of yoga will have you practicing your most familiar and favorite poses at an accessible pace with a focus on alignment. Class is suitable for beginners and all levels of practitioners.

virtual yoga studio


Enjoy class from the comfort of your home with Moving Mountains Yoga Virtual Studio. To view virtual classes you must pre-register for class by visiting our online schedule on this website, and sing up for your class anytime prior to the start of class. You will receive an email link from Mindbody no earlier than 30 minutes prior to class to view class. Classes are live streamed via the secured Mindbody Live Streaming software. For successful viewing use your most updated device, and Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers.


Ayurveda can be translated as the science of life, and is a sister science to yoga, a science-based on the five elements. The integration of ayurveda into our yoga practice deepens our self-study and self-awareness in relation to nature and natural cycles. Ayurveda offers an individualized, and therapeutic approach to health, vitality and joy and this science is woven into the mission and theme for Moving Mountains Yoga. Ayurveda is based upon the tenant that we do not mold ourselves to fit the practice but rather the yoga practice should be unique to who we are and what we need in order to support our health. You will naturally learn more about this ancient science and medicine by practicing yoga with us and can schedule Ayurvedic consultations to learn more about what Ayurveda can do for you and your lifestyle.


Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of yoga that syncs movement and breath, creating a flowing movement from one pose to the next pose, typically offering more cardio and strength elements to the practice and is suitable for those familiar with flow yoga transitions. Gentle Vinyasa Flow offers the same syncing of movement and breath at a more gentle pace and is suitable for beginners or all levels of practitioners.


Restorative Yoga is a gentle, slow, and still style of yoga that focuses on several relaxing poses, often times with the support of blankets and pillows to deepen comfort. Poses are held with an emphasis of releasing tension and consciously resting.

Yin Yoga is a passive style of yoga that focuses on mostly seated, reclined and forward fold poses that are held between 3-10 minutes. This practice encourages relaxing tension around the joints and the longer holds in more passive poses help to increase flexibility in the connective tissue.


Soulbody ZenBurn is a fitness class that blends familiar yoga poses, light weight training and short circuit cardio to create an accessible low impact workout that leaves you sweaty and rejuvenated. This class is a great compliment to your yoga practice and weekly wellness routine.


Join Moving Mountains Yoga teachers for outdoor yoga all season between April – October. All classes are all levels and scattered at different locations within Jefferson County Wv. Practice within a wide variety of venues with pretty sunrises and sunsets, among gorgeous views in historic Harpers Ferry, Charles Town and Shephersdstown. There is no better way to experience aligning with nature than to take your yoga outdoors. View our schedule page for weekly classes and weekend events!

Find Your Balance



    Thank you for visiting our site. Please be advised we are closing our in person studio as of May 15th 2020 and continuing weekly virtual and outdoor classes, as well as the efforts of our organization to bring more yoga and wellness to West Virginia. Visit the resources below to continue your practice and stay connected:

    • Join our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our YouTube Channel
    • Enjoy classes and workshops from the comfort of your home with Moving Mountains Yoga Virtual Studio
    Take your yoga outdoors with our weekly outdoor classes at the park, local farms and our Saturday outdoor events all season long!
    • Visit the schedule on this website for more details and to preregister for classes and events

  • Community Yoga Visit MMY YouTube Channel

    Visit our MMY YouTube Channel for free yoga classes and meditations lead by various yoga teachers. Theses classes are uploaded once a month as an act of seva or service on behalf of volunteers and Moving Mountains Organization, an organization dedicated to bringing yoga and wellness to underserved populations of West Virginia. We hope that this resource offers our community peaceful moments and that you will share with friends.

  • Yoga Book Club with Rachel Hally Sunday September 20th-December 13th

    Join book enthusiasts and local Shepherds University Librarian Rachel Hally for this safely social and accessible book club. Partnered with Four Seasons Books in Shepherdstown you can find and support local by purchasing the books we will enjoy together.

    Once a month for four months we will gather at Rosehill Farmette in the Shenandoah Junction, to safely distance and socialize discussing the section of book we are reading. Each book will be related to yoga philosophy or yogic living and can enhance your yoga practice by deepening our understanding of yoga beyond poses/stretching.

    Taking our time, each book will be broken down into 3 sections and our gatherings will focus on one section at a time with prompts to engage our conversation. The 4th gathering will introduce the next book within the series. This club is intended to offer space for safely connecting and a gentle commitment allowing us to digest what we are reading in small increments.

    Preregistration is required, 15 person capacity. Gatherings are rain or shine, as outside ventilated coverage is available. During cooler months we will enjoy our gathering fireside with hot beverages.

    September 20th
    October 25th
    November 22nd
    December 13th

  • Farm Yoga with Whitney Ingram at Tudor Hall Farm October 17th 6-7:30pm

    Support local and yourself with this fun Saturday night event with Whitney Ingram and Farmer Natalie! This event will include a 75 minute outdoor yoga class and Farmer’s Bundle of seasonally fresh foods. There is no better way to tap into the cycles of nature than outdoor yoga on the farm in the garden.

    Preregistration is required, bring your own mat, and safe distancing must be practiced by all during the experience.

    COST: $35 per person – 25 person capacity

    Farmer Bundle can include:
    Seasonal vegetables
    Meats & Eggs
    Fresh Flowers
    Herbs & Spices

    Address: 6274 Middleway Pike, Kearneysville Wv

  • Halloween Yoga & Costume Contest with Whitney Ingram & Tudor Hall Farm Saturday October 31st 5:30pm-8pm

    We began our outdoor season on Tudor Hall Farm and will end our outdoor season on the farm celebrating under the Halloween Full Moon with yoga for all ages, a fun Costume Contest, Farmer Bundles, take home Goodie Bags and pumpkins for all kids. We know this 2020 Fall Halloween Season will look different and Whitney and Farmer Natalie wanted to create a safe event for all, with an emphasis on the kids enjoying something in lieu of traditional Trick-or-Treat.

    This event is for individuals, couples, and families of all sizes and kinds. Get creative and come in costume! Dressed as cats, witches, goblins and ghouls we will enjoy 60 minutes of accessible yoga for all people and ages lead by Whitney Ingram, following you have the option to receive a Farmers Bundle of fresh and seasonal food, take your photo with an outdoor Fall farm back drop and chance to win our costume contest! Winners of the costume contest receive fresh food, yoga class pass gift certificate and candy. All children participants receive a complimentary pumpkin and Goodie Bag including candy to take home, prepackaged and no contact pick up.

    Preregistration is required and safe distancing will be practiced and the entire event is outdoors. Limited capacity to 25, will increase group size if state guidelines allow at that time.

    $10 Drop In Per Person
    $35 Farmer Bundle (optional)

  • Virtual Trauma Informed Yoga Workshop Saturday & Sunday December 5th-6th

    Join Whitney Ingram, trauma survivor and seasoned yogi for this 10 hour trauma informed workshop. She shares this evidence based practice from a lived experience of using yoga as her main modality of therapy, as well as from her mentorship with yogi, prison yoga advocate, and mental health therapist Kath Meadows. Whitney blends her 13 years of personal practice and 10 years of education and community service into a relatable understanding of trauma and yoga.
    In this workshop we invite yoga teachers, therapists, and anyone curious to explore and learn how trauma lives in the body and how yoga can assist in healing. We will discuss the prevalence of trauma, practice trauma informed yoga, and gain an accessible understanding of the science of trauma and learn about the role of yoga as a practice for healing and self care.

    For yoga teachers and therapists we will explore trauma informed techniques for growing your sensitivity to make your teachings more inclusive. For people seeking yoga or already practicing, these techniques may give insight to the style of yoga your body may appreciate. Additionally, we will provide guidance in self care to inspire your personal practice and support those working in the field of trauma and yoga activism.

    This workshop is Yoga Alliance approved for CEU’s. We encourage you, prior to the workshop to read Overcoming Trauma through Yoga by David Emerson and Elizabeth Hopper. Workshop includes a 40+ page manual.

    COST: You must preregister for this workshop $250